Sweet Beginnings

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Something more than an inheritance

Candle Beach may have been Dahlia’s refuge as a child, but it wasn’t part of her future.

When her great-aunt dies, leaving her an aging bookstore and dilapidated house in the small coastal town, Dahlia returns to settle the estate. She soon discovers Aunt Ruth had something else in mind for her.

Although the terms of the will force her to stay, and a cranky executor challenges her at every step, the town grows on her and she sees transformations in herself that she didn’t expect.

With her childhood friends begging her to stay and a developing attraction to her handsome new neighbor Garrett, could Aunt Ruth’s bequest be the key to Dahlia’s happily ever after?

All books in the Candle Beach series are “clean and sweet” with no cliff-hangers. They can be read as standalones, as each focuses on a different woman in a circle of friends, but they may be more enjoyable read in order as previous characters are mentioned in future books.

Book 1: Sweet Beginnings — Dahlia’s story
Book 2: Sweet Success — Gretchen’s story
Book 3: Sweet Promises — Maggie’s story
Book 4: Sweet Memories — Angel’s story
Book 5: Sweet History — Charlotte’s story
Book 6: Sweet Matchmaking — Sarah’s story (coming December 2018)