The Inn at Willa Bay

The Inn at Willa Bay

Dreams for the future and a secret that will change everything.

Series: Willa Bay Novels, Book 1

The first time Zoe Tisdale’s Barbie and Ken dolls got married, it was all about the ceremony. Twenty years later, she’s devoured hundreds of wedding magazines and planned thousands of events. All of her dreams will come true when she’s promoted to Event Manager at the lodge she’s worked at for the last decade. Of course, life seldom works out the way one hopes it will.

Zoe’s friend Meg used to be a big city chef, but when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Meg returned to Willa Bay to work at the lodge and be closer to her family. Now she’s wondering if small town life is right for her.

Their co-worker Cassie, the lodge’s pastry chef, is struggling to find her way as a divorced mom of two, but it seems like it’s always one step forward, two steps back.

When an accident leaves their elderly friend Celia in a coma, Zoe, Cassie, Meg, and a mysterious newcomer, Shawn, come together at Celia’s home, the Inn at Willa Bay, to discover a secret that she’s harbored for over sixty years.

Armed with this knowledge, Zoe and the others take stock of choices they’ve made in the past and make decisions that will alter their futures forever.

This heartwarming novel will renew your faith in love, friendship, and family.

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