Sweet Sacrifices

Sweet Sacrifices

All relationships take work, but is she ready to make a sacrifice this big?

Series: Candle Beach, Book 8

Interior designer Amelia O’Connor came to Candle Beach to renovate and manage a historic hotel with her brother. Now that the hotel is completed and on the brink of success, she’s not sure being a hotel owner is a good fit for her. Unfortunately, when you’re in business with your brother, you can’t just quit.

Jordan Rivers is at the peak of his career as a leading man in romantic comedies, but his personal life is spiraling out of control. His beloved wife died two years ago, leaving him a single father to a young daughter. Between a demanding job and his own grief, he hasn’t been the father to her that he wants to be. He hopes that a relaxing week at the Candle Beach Hotel will be exactly what he needs to get his life back on track.

A chance meeting on the beach turns into something neither of them could have predicted. But Jordan has a life back home in Los Angeles and Amelia isn’t sure what her future holds. Can their new love survive the challenges of a long-distance relationship, family obligations and memories of the past?

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