Jill Andrews Cozy Mysteries


Brownie Points for Murder

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First in the Jill Andrews Cozy Mystery series

Suburban mom Jill Andrews isn’t sure going back to her old career in marketing is the right move with two young kids and a husband who’s traveling more than he’s home. When her in-laws ask her to help out at the family business, the Boathouse Event Center, it seems like the perfect opportunity to test out a new role.

Even better—one of her first clients as an event coordinator wants her to work for him in a part-time marketing job.

Unfortunately, he’s the builder of the most unpopular construction project in Ericksville—a seven-story condominium that will tower over everything else in the small town on Puget Sound. With some misgivings, she accepts the offer.

Before she can start her new job, the condos are torched by an arsonist and she finds the body of her crotchety old neighbor Samuel Westen on the beach. Shaken by these events, Jill isn’t sure what to do.

Everything changes when news footage appears of her pregnant sister-in-law Desi Torres throwing a pen at Westen in a town hall meeting because he refused to renew the lease on her café. When the police find a plate of Desi’s famous brownies in his house, Desi is catapulted to the top of the suspect list.

When the stressful situation lands Desi in the hospital with pregnancy complications, Jill must navigate her own mom-life crisis, sift through a tangled web of secrets and lies, and discover the identity of the real killer before it’s too late.

Death to the Highest Bidder

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Second in the Jill Andrews Cozy Mystery series

A preschool auction can lead to murder.

At least that’s how Jill Andrews feels. After volunteering to coordinate her son’s preschool auction at the Boathouse Event Center, she’s about to kill her nemesis Nancy Davenport, the Queen Bee of Busy Bees Preschool. Nancy’s micromanagement of the event is making Jill crazy, but it isn’t Nancy who turns up dead.

Local coffee roaster Louis Mahoney is supposed to have a basket to donate to the auction, but when Jill arrives to pick it up, all she finds in his office is his body lying on the floor. When Jill’s friend Brenda is suspected of his murder, Jill vows to find the real killer before Brenda loses custody of her twin preschool girls and worse – goes to jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

With constant pressure from Nancy and parts of her personal life crumbling around her, how can Jill make good on her promise to help Brenda? 

A Deadly Pair o'Docks

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Third in the Jill Andrews Cozy Mystery series

Plans for a fairy-tale wedding. A dead body. So much for happily wedded bliss.

Less than four months into her new job as an events coordinator at the Boathouse Event Center, Jill Andrews is unexpectedly thrown into managing the whole place while her in-laws are out of town. One of the biggest events on her plate is the wedding between two of Desi’s good friends from college.

When she finds the body of one of the groomsmen floating next to the Boathouse’s dock, she’s tossed into a media firestorm and ensuing investigation that threatens both her family’s livelihood and her life.

Stuck with S'more Death

(Available Now)

Fourth in the Jill Andrews Cozy Mystery series

Murder by marshmallow stick?

After a long, stressful summer, Jill Andrews is looking forward to a relaxing vacation with her family at her old friend Leah’s lake cabin resort. That becomes difficult when she discovers a marshmallow roasting stick impaled in a man’s body near the campfire pit. With a string of costly acts of vandalism plaguing the resort and now a murder, things aren’t looking good for the resort’s future.

Joined by her sister-in-law Desi, Jill tries to figure out who’s causing trouble before it’s too late for the resort and she has to kiss her family vacation goodbye – or worse.

Candle Beach Sweet Romances

Welcome to Candle Beach, where falling in love is easy...almost.

Sweet Beginnings

(Available Now)

First in the Candle Beach Sweet Romance series

A surprise inheritance. An even more surprising chance for love.

Dahlia Winters spent her childhood summers in Candle Beach, a small town on the Washington Coast. When she inherits her great-aunt’s bookstore there, she figures at least she’ll be able to get some painting time in while she gets the place ready to sell. Being tied to one place doesn’t suit her free-spirited nature, but soon the town starts to win her over.

Garrett Callahan knows what it’s like to be around flighty creative types. He grew up moving from place to place with his artist mother and recently broke up with his fiancee, a potter.

After literally falling head over heels for Garrett, Dahlia isn’t sure what to think.

Is she cut out for small-town life and is he ready to accept her for who she is?

Sweet Success

(Available Now)

Second in the Candle Beach Sweet Romance series

Two applicants. Only one dream job.

When Gretchen Roberts graduated from college, she planned a brief stay in her hometown of Candle Beach. Ten years later, she’s still working for her parents and dreaming of a future in the big city. Her success depends on her getting the lead sales job at a new housing development south of town.

Parker Gray grew up knowing he’d work for his parents’ real estate firm in nearby Haven Shores. What he didn’t expect was that he’d be in constant competition with his older brother. He’s got to get out of there before he loses his mind, and the position at Oceanview Estates seems like a perfect way of reaching that goal.

Gretchen and Parker meet and are instantly attracted to each other, at least until they discover they are both after the same job.

Can they each get what they want and still want each other?

Sweet Promises

(Available Now)

Third in the Candle Beach Sweet Romance series

A promise between brothers. A secret that threatens to tear a budding romance apart.

Maggie Price is resilient. After her husband died, leaving her a young widow with an infant son, she returns home to Candle Beach and creates a new future for them by purchasing the Bluebonnet Cafe. Now, something feels like it’s missing, but she’s not sure what.

Jake Price promised his younger brother he’d take care of his wife and child if something happened to him while deployed overseas. Now, five years after his brother’s death, Jake vows to fulfill that promise and take care of Maggie and her son Alex.

Maggie tries to fight her attraction to Jake, but he knocks down her resistance and they fall in love.

Will she still feel the same if she knows the real reason he’s in Candle Beach?  

Sweet Memories

(Available Now)

Fourth in the Candle Beach Sweet Romance series

A family secret brought her to Candle Beach. The same secret might drive her away.

It had always been just the two of them, mother and daughter. After her mother died, Angel Bennett found out it was all a lie. Discovering her mother’s secrets, she moves to Candle Beach to find out the truth. What she finds is so much more.

Adam Rigg is unlucky in love. He’s the constant friend, never the boyfriend. He’s resigned himself to be the best journalist possible, keeping the local newspaper, the Candle Beach Weekly, afloat in an era where digital media reigns supreme.

When Adam volunteers to help Angel discover the truth about her mother’s past, an unexpected romance blossoms between them. However, Adam is soon confronted with a dilemma—does he help Angel get the family she’s always wanted or save his relationship and never be alone again?

If Adam helps Angel realize her dreams, will he ever get what he wants most—her?

Sweet History

(Available Now)

Fifth in the Candle Beach Sweet Romance series

A whimsical gift shop, a BBQ food truck, and their feuding owners.

Charlotte Gray grew up spoiled and privileged but gave it up to make her own way in the world. Years later, she’s fought to get where she is, the owner of a gift shop located in a vintage Airstream trailer in scenic Candle Beach. Everything is perfect until she finds a smelly BBQ food truck parked next to her gift shop one afternoon. The minute she sees it, she knows it’s got to go or her business will be down the tubes.

Luke Tisdale was raised by hard-working grandparents in nearby Haven Shores. After attending college on a scholarship and joining the tech world, his company went public and he became a multi-millionaire overnight. Unfortunately, now he doesn’t know whether people like him or his money more. Buying a food truck and moving to Candle Beach seemed like the perfect plan to start over where no one knows about his wealth. What he didn’t expect was to find his best friend Parker’s spoiled little sister standing on the steps of his food truck demanding that he leave.

How can Luke and Charlotte forget old history to broker a truce and find a friendship or more?